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Great Lakes st. Lawerance lowlands
Great lakes St Lawrence Lowlands


Great lakes St Lawrence Lowlands
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The Great Lakes are the spine of Ontario. They span more than 1200km east to west and the area surrounding the lakes is home to 25% of the population of Canada. The lakes are the largest fresh water bodies on earth. Between them nearly one-fifth of the entire planets fresh water supply is stored. The total surface area of the lakes is 245,000 sq. kilometres, the same size as Great Britain.

While eight U.S. states border on the Great Lakes, Ontario is the only Canadian province to touch their shorelines. Lake Michigan is the only lake solely within the boundaries of the United States. While twenty-five million American's live within the Lake's basin, only eight million Canadian's habitate the immense shoreline.

This map shows the names of the Great Lakes and what they look like.


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