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Great Lakes st. Lawerance lowlands
Great lakes St Lawrence Lowlands
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This site is about the GreatLakes St. Lawerance Lowlands


Where is it located?

  • The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands is located at the southern regions of Ontario and Quebec. It extends from Quebec City, PQ, 960 km to Windsor, ON.

Physical Features

  • Lowland region including flat and rolling hills
  • The Great Lakes (Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario)
  • St. Lawrence River or Seaway
  • Rich soils of clay, sand, and gravel


  • Great Lakes moderate the climate - summers are warm and humid with about 150-190 frost free days a year (long growing season)
  • The winters still cold
  • The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands receives approximately 875 mm of precipitation per year (rain and snow)

Economic Activity

  • Farming - poultry, dairy, meat products, and specialty crops
  • Manufacturing - cars and car parts, steel and iron items, textiles and clothing, and industrial and farm chemicals
  • Mining minerals such as copper, iron, silver, lead zinc, and coal



  The Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Lowlands are located in the southern part of Ontario near the Great Lakes.  It's also located in the southern part of Quebec right where the St.Lawrence River is.  The St.Lawrence River contains over 2000 islands, rocky islets, and on the land there are small hills. The soil here is fertile and good for agriculture.  Along the St. Lawrence River, trees are harvested for maple syrup.

In the Lowlands, spring is short, summers are hot and humid, and winters are long., but milder.  The winters can bring ice storms and blizzards are common.  Autumn is nippy, but pleasant.

There are lots of animals.  In  the river there are seals, many types of whales, and sea urchins which all feed on star fish, shrimp, crab, and lobster.  On the land there are raccoons, squirrels, some reptiles, deer, turtles, and green-backed herons.

This a map of where the Great Lakes St Lawrence Lowlands are located.